1973-The history of the Queen City Chapter BCCA/NABA begins in September of 1972. Louise Durbin (BCCA #859) was collecting beer cans to build a patio table when she read an article in the Cincinnati Enquirer about the BCCA's second "Canvention" in Lake Geneva Wisconsin. She forgot the patio table and immediately joined the BCCA. When Louise received her roster she mailed postcards to members in the Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana area. Two of the postcards went to Dave Nelson (BCCA #820) and Larry White (BCCA #1527). Dave and Larry had become friends while sharing railroad photos and Dave introduced Larry to beer can collecting. In the months that followed, various collectors would meet and carpool to Dayton to attend Miami Valley chapter functions. On the ride home from one of these meeting the idea occurred to them to form a chapter in Cincinnati.
1973-Spetember-The Beer Can Collectors of America held their third annual "Canvention" in Cincinnati at the Netherland Hilton. Hotel. The Omichiana chapter was the host chapter.


1974-September-A meeting to organize the chapter was held in September 1974 at GE Park. Tragically Larry was killed in a car accident on August 31, 1974. His parents Larry and Mary (BCCA #15270) took up his collection and became active in the formation of the chapter.
At the organization meeting David Nelson was selected as the first president of the Queen City Chapter. The chapter was accepted by the BCCA as chapter number 25.

The first chapter trade session was planned for November 1974 and was held at Glenway Savings on Glenway Avenue in Cincinnati. 

 Chapter dues were set at $1 per year and at the trade session chapter members were signed up.

President-Dave Nelson
Vice President-Bill Hertzel
Secretary-Louise Durbin
Treasurer-Louise Durbin

Trade Sessions
2/22, 5/17-M&S Auction Hall

M & S Auction Hall (photo taken 2005)

8/9, 9/27-GE Park
11/16-Issak Walton Lodge

February- Dave Nelson stepped down as President and was replaced by Larry White
July- The chapter along with five other Ohio Chapters cosponsored the 1st Annual Ohio Mini-Canvention at Camp Variety in Dayton.
August- The first issue of the chapter newsletter was mailed to members.
After the August trade session the board and officers drafted and adopted a constitution and bylaws.


November- A personalized, commemorative can was presented to each of the 51 charter members of the chapter. 


President-Larry White
Vice President-Ray Short
Secretary-JoeAnne Brockman
Treasurer-Louise Durbin
Board Members-Jim Bucheid, J. Buck Carroll

Trade Sessions
2/28, 5/23  Issak Walton Lodge
7/9 Cosponsored the 2nd Ohio Mini Canvention at Camp Variety in Dayton
11/14-Unknown Location

In 1976 chapter membership took off. While collectors chased after the various bicentennial cans, chapter membership grew and stood at 87 national members and 69 associate members, a total of 156

September-At the BCCA Canvention in Philadelphia, Hudepohl won the BCCA Can of the Year.


President-Terry Hoffman
Vice President-Rich Lurix
Secretary-Joanne Brockman
Treasurer-Louise Durbin

Trade Sessions:
1/15, 6/11   Locations Unknown

7/8/77 Co Sponsor  3rd Ohio Mini-Cavnention at Camp Variety in Dayton
Luck of the Irish #1 
Held March 18-20, 1977 at 
Kings Island Inn 

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President-Ray Short
Vice President-Bill Luers
Secretary-Larry Cline
Treasurer-Louise Durbin

Trade Sessions:

7/7 Co Sponsored  4th Ohio Mini Canvention Camp Variety Dayton
Luck of the Irish #2 
Held March 17-19, 1978 at 
Kings Island Inn 

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