Keweenaw Brewing Co

10  4th Street

South Range, MI 

In 2006, Keweenaw Brewing Co. moved to a new location in South Range about five miles southwest of Houghton on M 26. This new production facility uses a 50-bbl JVNW brewhouse to produce their beer. In 2007, the first cans were filled and released from this facility. See the can produced at the Houghton MI location.

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Photo by Chris and Roger Levesque

Lift Bridge Brown Ale
12 oz
November 2007
Olde Ore Dock Scottish Ale
12 oz
February 2011
November Gale Pale Ale
12 oz
July 2012
Pick Axe Blonde
12 oz
July 2007
Red Jacket Amber
12 oz.
July 2007
Widow Maker Black Ale
12 oz
June 2009