Pug Ryan's Brewery
104 Village Place

Dillon, Colorado 

This venue was a very popular steakhouse dating back to 1975; however, the owners installed a 10-bbl Bohemian brewhouse and on February 1, 1997, the very popular steakhouse became Pug Ryan's Brewery.

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Photo by Don and Helen Johnston

Dead Eye Dunkel  
12 oz  
August 2013  
Hideout Helles  
12 oz  
August 2013  
Morning Wood Wheat Morning Wood Wheat
12 oz. 12oz
January 2004 December 2009
Over the Rail Pale Ale  
12 oz  
July 2012  
Pali Pilsner  
12 oz  
December 2009  
Peacemaker Pilsner  
12 oz  
October 2013