Cincinnati Brewing History


          Much like the stamp collector would have no hobby without the post office, the brewiana collector would have no hobby without the              breweries. Cincinnati brewing history spans three states and includes what were at one time the largest breweries in both Kentucky and  Ohio.   From a brewer who got into the business when he got his brewery to settle a debt, to another who converted his blacksmith shop into a brewery, to another who began brewing in his basement, the breweries and brewers in Cincinnati have a rich and colorful history.

         This is not an attempt at an in depth history of brewing in Cincinnati. This is better handled by Tim Holian's two books "Over the Barrel",      Robert Wimberg's book "Cincinnati Breweries" and Dale Van Wieren's "American Breweries II". This is an attempt to give an overview to the history of brewing in Cincinnati and show some of the brewiana produced by the breweries.

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Pre prohibition (1811-1919)

After the noble experiment (1937-1986)

the micro years (1987-now)